Welcome to SpecialCat.com! We love cats, and have gathered a few of our favorite fun cat facts, cool items, cat videos and more and put them her for you – and us – to enjoy.


Cat Facts and Trivia

Fun facts and trivia about our special cats!

For example……

  • Your house cat is probably crepuscular.
  • Your cat’s nose has a unique pattern, much like a human fingerprint.
  • Cats can sweat, but only through the pads on the bottom of their paws.
Tabby cat walking in the woods

A cat looking cool inside an open suitcase

Cat Quotes

Interesting or amusing quotes about cats from people you many know, including:

  • “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”
  • “Never try to out-stubborn a cat.”
  • …and many more!
A yellow cat looking wise

Cat Gestation

Is your special cat expecting? Our cat gestation calculator and/or cat gestation calculator can help you find out her estimated due date!

Cat gestation information

Cat Names

Does your special cat or kitten need a special name? We have lots of  cat names:

Unique cat names for your special cat

A cat on a computer screen