Arm & Hammer Top Entry Cat Litter Box

The folks at Arm & Hammer make a top entry cat litter box to help reduce litter scatter and urine spray. It includes antimicrobial protection that inhibits odor, and a molded-in hook for litter scoop storage. The large top opening of the litter box fits most cats, including larger ones. It has special grating on … Read more

Cat Photo Of The Day

Welcome to Special Cat’s cat photo of the day! Be sure to bookmark this page so you can see a new photo every day! Windows: Ctrl+D Mac: Cmd + D Mobile: Use mobile menu The beautiful cat photos below are provided by Cat Photo Of The Day #1 Cat Photo Of The Day #2 … Read more

Six Signs Your Cat Loves You

According to this video, six signs to know your cat loves you include: Drooling. They watch South Park with you (actually, we think watching any TV or online videos count). They bring you gifts (dead mouse or slobbery cat toy anyone?). They never leave you alone. They hate when you leave. They can’t wait for … Read more

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Cats and Vacuum Cleaners

This video features cats and the vacuum cleaners they love. These cats love to be loved by a vacuum, as “in push me, pull me, vacuum me, and let me ride on you” love! Vacuuming and Shedding: Why Do Our Cats Shed? While it’s fun when our cats love to be vacuumed, it can have … Read more

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Cats With Cardboard Boxes

It’s no secret cats love cardboard boxes! Our feline friends like to be in, on, around, or sometimes simply next to a cardboard box. They love to scratch it, claw it, bite it, rub it, love it, and sleep on it or in it. Size doesn’t seem to matter: If the box is too small, … Read more

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Cat Gestation

Is your special cat expecting? You can find out her estimated due date two ways on Use our handy cat gestation calculator or our cat gestation table. Cat Gestation Calculator Cat gestation calculator: Find out your cat’s estimated due date quickly and easily with this handy cat gestation calculator. Cat Gestation Table You can … Read more

Cars Named After Cats

Check out our list of cars named after cats! We have an interesting list of well known, and not so well known, cars named after our feline friends. Mercury Cougar The Mercury Cougar was made from 1967 to 1997. After a brief break, it was once again rolling off of the assembly line, this time … Read more

Cat Names!

We have cat names! We have a page of unique cat names with meanings and/or descriptions for each name, and a fun and informative page of famous cats and their names. Unique Cat Names Unique cat names with meanings and/or descriptions for each name. Famous Cat Names Famous cats and their names! From cartoon cats, … Read more

Cat Whiskers

Learn all about your cat’s whiskers! We have fun and informative articles about cat whiskers, and cat whisker stress. Cat Whiskers Learn all about your cat’s wonderful whiskers. What they are, what they do, and much more. Cat Whisker Stress Learn about cat whisker stress: What it is, common symptoms of a cat that has … Read more

Cat Whisker Stress

Maybe you’ve heard of “whisker stress” (aka “whisker fatigue”) in cats. While it may have an odd sounding name, whisker stress is a real thing and not just some made-up malady to give us cat owners one more thing to worry about. So, what is it? You might also like: Cat Whiskers What Is Whisker … Read more