Black Cat Shower Curtains

Artistic or whimsical black cats on shower curtains make an attractive addition to a bathroom. Below are shower curtains featuring our ebony colored feline friends in a wide variety of designs.

Some of the shower curtains are available alone, while others might be offered as a set with related kitty themed accessories for the bathroom. They range from the cute to the whimsical, artistic, and more.

A black cat looks out from a shower curtain

A black cat’s face on a shower curtain. From Amazon.

From Amazon, eBay, and Etsy

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Black Cat Shower Curtains and the Amazon Shopping Cart

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Black Cats and Luck

For centuries, black cats in different regions of the world have been considered to be either good or bad luck. For example, in Britain, Egypt and Japan black cats were considered good luck, while in the United States, especially in its early days, black cats were often considered to be bad luck.

A cat, of course, is just a cat regardless of its color. Fortunately, a lot of silly superstitions about black cats have fallen by the wayside. Here at SpecialCat.com we have personally owned three black cats over time, all of whom were wonderful pets that we enjoyed tremendously.

A black cat with yellow-orange eyes on a dark background
A beautiful long-haired black cat with yellow-orange eyes.

A Black Cat Casting Call

Below is a photo of a line of black cats and their handlers answering a casting call to audition for a part in a movie segment titled “The Black Cat” starring horror movie legend Vincent Price. The photo was taken by a Los Angeles Times newspaper photographer and appeared in the paper on November 27, 1961. The photo doesn’t have anything to do with shower curtains, of course, we just thought it was interesting so we’re sharing it with you here.

Black cats in a line
A photo from the Los Angeles Times newspaper, November 27, 1961. The photo features numerous black cats auditioning for a movie titled “The Black Cat.”

The movie “The Black Cat” was one of three horror segments that appeared in the movie “Tales of Terror.” For the segment titled “The Black Cat” producers hoped to find six black cats that looked alike: One cat would be the star of the segment while the other five cats would be stand-ins.

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