Cat Gestation Calculator

Is your special cat pregnant? You can use the handy cat gestation calculator below to estimate her due date quickly and easily!

This cat pregnancy calcucator is based on a common cat pregnancy of 64 days, but you can easily change it to the number of days you choose.

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Kitten in grass

  • Do use slashes (/) not dashes (-) when entering the date of exposure.
  • The default number of days of gestation is 64, but change this if you like.
  • Click the “Estimate Date Of Birth” button!

Enter date of exposure in "mm/dd/yy" format:

Number of days of gestation:

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Gestation Defined

When referring to reproduction, the word “gestation” is used to describe the carrying of unborn offspring inside the uterus of a female. To be a bit more specific, “gestation” is used to describe carrying the unborn offspring of viviparous animals, which are animals that give birth to live young (as opposed to animals that give birth through egg-laying, for example). Gestation begins at conception and ends at birth.

It is possible, and not uncommon, for a female to experience multiple gestations at the same time: A cat for example, is like to be carrying several kittens in her uterus instead of just one.

Pregnant Cats and Kitten Fathers

If your cat is expecting kittens due to a planned pregnancy you probably know who the father of the kittens is. However, did you know that a female cat can mate with several different males? This means that if your cat is expecting kittens due to an unplanned or unsupervised mating she could could be pregnant be several different fathers. This is a common situation when an un-spayed female house cat escapes the house, or when you adopt a pregnant stray.

Other Common Gestation Periods

Below are a few other common animal gestation periods given in days. Please keep in mind that all time periods are general and can vary.

  • Bison – 285
  • Cat – 64
  • Cow – 284
  • Dog – 63
  • Elephant, Asian – 645
  • Elk – 255
  • Giraffe – 425
  • Goat – 150
  • Goat, Pygmy – 145
  • Horse – 340
  • Humans – 280
  • Mink – 45 to 52
  • Mouse – 19
  • Porcupine – 112
  • Rhinoceros – 486
  • Skunk, Striped – 63

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