Cat Mate Pet Fountain

The Cat Mate Pet Fountain provides flowing water at a height suitable for cats and small dogs.

The Cat Mate drinking fountain is dishwasher safe, runs quietly, and has three drinking heights plus water that flows down a short ramp.

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More About The Cat Mate Pet Fountain

The folks at Cat Mate have designed their Pet Fountain to appeal to cats and small dogs, and to make it easy for their human owners to operate. It provides flowing water at three different heights plus water that flows down a short ramp. It operates quietly and uses a polymer-carbon filter for water purification.

The fountain’s pump is adjustable and the gentle flow of water down the ramp is designed to eliminate splashing and reduce water loss. Maintenance is minimal and easy since the bowls are dishwasher safe and the water purification replacement cartridge easily slides into position.

Cat Mate Pet Fountain Video

This short (1:09) video shows a half-grown tabby kitten drinking from the Cat Mat Pet Fountain. The little kitty seems to be feeling quite grown up since they seem to prefer to drink from the tallest area on the Pet Mate Fountain even though shorter areas are available. There appears to be a water bowl on the floor right next to the fountain, but the kitten seems to prefer the moving water provided by the fountain since its drinking from the fountain and ignoring the bowl.

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