Cars Named After Cats

Check out our list of cars named after cats! We have an interesting list of well known, and not so well known, cars named after our feline friends. Mercury Cougar The Mercury Cougar was made from 1967 to 1997. After a brief break, it was once again rolling off of the assembly line, this time … Read more

Cat Whisker Stress

Maybe you’ve heard of “whisker stress” (aka “whisker fatigue”) in cats. While it may have an odd sounding name, whisker stress is a real thing and not just some made-up malady to give us cat owners one more thing to worry about. So, what is it? You might also like: Cat Whiskers What Is Whisker … Read more

Wonderful Cat Whiskers

Cats, as you know, have whiskers. They have those long, really noticeable whiskers on the sides of their face, but they also have less standout-ish whiskers above their eyes, under their nose, on their chin, on the backs of their cheeks, and even on the back of their front legs. Read on for a quick … Read more

Famous Cat Names

Below are famous cat names from the exotic to the charmingly ordinary. Each name has a short description of the feline that made it recognized. The cats are both real and fictional (for example, cats in literature or film). You might also like: Unique Cat Names Cars Named After Cats Famous Cats And Their Names … Read more

Cats In Science News

Below are cats in science news from the website The “cats” in the news stories might be pretty much any type of feline: House cats, big cats (lions, tigers, etc.), extinct cats, or more. ScienceDaily publishes new science stories every day on a wide variety of topics, including animals and cats. You might also … Read more

Cat News Stories

Looking for cats in the news? Below are current news stories gathered from Google News containing the words “cats” or “kittens.” Most of the news stories are actually about felines, but occasionally you get a news story about something else that just happens to have the words “cats” or “kittens” in the story (like the … Read more

Unique Cat Names With Meanings

Below are unique cat names accompanied by meanings and/or descriptions. Finding the purrrfect (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?), moniker for your feline friend can be a fun task. Our collection of cat names is filled with uncommon suggestions, and we have given a meaning, description, or piece of trivia with every name. In … Read more

Cat Gestation Calculator

Is your special cat pregnant? You can use the handy cat gestation calculator below to estimate her due date quickly and easily! This cat pregnancy calcucator is based on a common cat pregnancy of 64 days, but you can easily change it to the number of days you choose. You might also like our handy … Read more

Favorite Cat Quotes

Below are some of our favorite cat quotes by notable persons in entertainment, politics, art, science, and more. Some of the quotes are just for fun, but others give advice on cats in general, how to live with a cat, or offer contemplative thoughts about our feline friends. Cat Quotes From Old Proverbs or Unknown … Read more

Cat Gestation Table

While feline gestation times vary, a cat’s gestation period is commonly between 63 – 65 days. However, healthy pregnancies can and do vary and might be several days shorter or longer. If your special cat is pregnant, our gestation table (below) will help you find out her approximate due date quickly and easily. You might … Read more