Cat Photo Of The Day

Welcome to Special Cat’s cat photo of the day! Be sure to bookmark this page so you can see a new photo every day! Windows: Ctrl+D Mac: Cmd + D Mobile: Use mobile menu The beautiful cat photos below are provided by Cat Photo Of The Day #1 Cat Photo Of The Day #2 … Read more

Cat Gestation

Is your special cat expecting? You can find out her estimated due date two ways on Use our handy cat gestation calculator or our cat gestation table. Cat Gestation Calculator Cat gestation calculator: Find out your cat’s estimated due date quickly and easily with this handy cat gestation calculator. Cat Gestation Table You can … Read more

Cat Scratcher Lounges

It’s a cat scratcher! It’s a cat lounge! It’s a…cat scratcher lounge! Let your special cat multitask with a cat scratcher that’s also a lounge. It’s a popular combo with cats and their people, allowing kitty to scratch their claws and relax all with the same piece of combined cat furniture. The LIKEA Cat Scratcher … Read more

Microchip Cat Doors

A microchip cat door is designed to be a stress-free way to allow your cat (or other pets) to come in or go out as they please, but to prevent access by other animals. The “other animals” a microchip cat door protects against varies: They can bar entry to everything from one of your other … Read more

Interior Cat Or Pet Doors

Inside, or interior, cat doors are suitable for cats or other small pets. Pet owners like interior cat doors because they allow felines and our other furry friends to come and go from room to room without their humans needing to open and close doors for them. They come in two basic types: With a … Read more

Exterior Cat Doors

An exterior cat door is just what is sounds like: A special cat or pet door designed to let your cat go outside and come back in through their own special door. They can be a great addition to a home with cats, as the special cat door allows your feline friends to go outside … Read more

Cat Water Fountains

A cat water fountain is a simple idea to encourage Kitty to drink enough water to stay properly hydrated. Many veterinarians and feline experts caution that cats often don’t drink adequate amounts of water unless encouraged, which is exactly what cat water fountains are designed to do. Most cat owners know that their cats prefer … Read more

Litter Box That’s Hidden In A Potted Plant

It’s a potted plant! Or is it a litter box hidden in potted plant? Hate the look of an ordinary litter box? Why not let your let your cat “go” in privacy in a litter box that looks like a potted plant. Secluded enough for kitty to feel comfy when doing what comes naturally, but … Read more

Hidden Litter Boxes

A hidden cat litter box can mean at least a couple of different things. Most people use the phrase “hidden litter box” to mean cat litter box that is hidden in a piece of furniture. Some folks, though, use “hidden litter box” to mean a litter box that is openly visible, but the cat disappears … Read more

Top Entry Litter Boxes

A “top entry” litter box is a litter box with high sides and a top cover with an entrance hole in it. In order to enter the litter box your cat has to enter from the top, as opposed to entering from the sides like on most other litter boxes. Please scroll down underneath the … Read more