The CatGenie is an automatic cat litter box: After Kitty uses the CatGenie the unit automatically washes, sanitizes and dries itself.

It requires hookup to cold water and an electrical outlet, and instead of typical cat litter it uses dust-free washable granules. The company says it’s ideal for 1-2 cats, or no more than 3 cats, of average size 6 months of age or older. The reviews on Amazon are mostly good to very good, but there are some people who don’t like it. For CatGenie price comparisons, please scroll down to see prices for both eBay and Amazon.

From Amazon and eBay

In the past we haven’t seen a lot of CatGenie’s on eBay. However, one does occasionally show up. If you’d like to check for some, you can use this button

See CatGenies on eBay

CatGenie Reviews On Amazon

Want to see the Amazon reviews? Click here to go directly to the CatGenie review page on Amazon.

Take Some Time

Take some time to think about it! If you’re not ready to buy the CatGenie today, you can always save it for later by putting it into your Amazon shopping cart.

  • In most cases, Amazon will keep track of items in your shopping cart for 90 days.
  • Meanwhile, if you want to check out with some items but not others, click “Save for later” in your shopping cart area to move selected items to an area that’s easy to find later on.
  • When you’re ready to make a final decision, you can buy the items in your “Save for later” area or delete them.
  • Note: Putting items in your Amazon shopping cart or “Save for later” list does NOT reserve them! It just makes them easier to find if they’re still available when you come back.

How The CatGenie Works – Video

Here’s a short (1:16) video giving an overview of how the CatGenie works.

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