Catit Flower Fountain

The people at Catit have come up with a clever (and kind of adorable) solution to most cats’ preference for drinking running water: The Catit Flower Fountain.

If you have ever let your cat drink water directly from the faucet you know that many (most?) cats prefer to drink running water versus the standing water so generously supplied by you in their water bowl.

In fact, once many cats get their first drink from a running water source, like the faucet in a sink, it can be difficult to get them to go back to drinking out of their bowl at all. They would much prefer to sit in or beside the sink, tapping the faucet with their paw, waiting, hoping, for the water to come out so they can get a drink……or meowing at you until you come turn it on for them.

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The Catit Flower Fountain for cats
The Catit Flower Fountain on Amazon

Enter the Catit Flower Fountain. It is a clever, attractive, way for your cat to have the running water it loves without you having to turn the faucet on and off for them all day. Below are Catit Flower Fountains for sale on Amazon and eBay. For more information about the Catit Flower Fountain please scroll down beneath the fountains for sale.

From eBay

See more Catit Water Fountains on eBay

From Amazon

The Catit Flower Fountains comes in a regular size and a mini.

Be sure to see the Amazon customer reviews for the Catit Flower Fountain.

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About The Catit Flower Fountain

Like you, the people at Catit know that your cat prefers to drink running water as opposed to still water (like the fresh, clean, but still water so generously provided by you in their water bowl). This is why the came up with a clever solution: The Catit Flower Fountain.

The unique and cat-friendly design of the Catit Fountain features a compact water fountain with an optional (included) flower accessory in the center. Depending on how, and if, you choose to use the flower the water flow from the fountain can be adjusted in three different ways (see below) to adjust to your kitty’s drinking preferences.

In addition, the top of the fountain is designed to be a bit lopsided (taller on one side than on the other). This is on purpose so cats and kittens of all heights can have easy access. The top also has a welcoming, open design so your cat’s whiskers won’t rub against the sides and cause whisker stress. (Yes, whisker stress is a real thing and poorly designed food and water bowls can inhibit your cat from eating or drinking.) It also comes with a built-in filtering system to purify and soften hard water while retaining stray hairs and other debris. The filters are replaceable, and the fountain is easy to dissemble and clean (see the first video, below).

3 Ways To Use The Catit Flower Fountain


One way to use the Catit Flower Fountain is to use it with both parts of the optional flower accessory (which are included): The white “petals” of the flower and the yellow bud, or center. Used like this water flows out the top and along the petals in long, gentle streams.

The Catit Cat Water Fountain being used with both parts of the optional flower accessory (the white petals and yellow center).



Or, you can remove the the yellow center of the flower (it simply lifts off) and just use the white petals. This way, water gently bubbles out of the top then flows down the petals in streams.

Using the Catit Fountain with the petals, but without the yellow center.



Last of all, you don’t have to use either part of the flower accessory at all (both parts, the yellow center and the white petals, simply lift out). Used like this, the Catit Cat Water Fountain bubbles water gently out of the top.

Catit Cat Water Fountain with gently flowing water
Using the Catit Fountain without either part of the flower accessory.

Catit Flower Fountain Videos

This short (1:18) video gives you a good look at the Catit Flower Fountain and explains some of the benefits of proper hydration for your cat. It also shows you the three ways you can adjust the water flow from the fountain depending on how, and if, you use the optional flower accessory. Toward the end of the video it shows a nice animation that gives you an idea of how the internal filtering system works, and shows how quick and easy disassembly is.


This next video is also nice and short (1:06) and shows the Catit Flower Fountain being unboxed and assembled for its first use. It moves on quickly to show several cats and kittens drinking from it, and how easy it is to clean.

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