Cats and Vacuum Cleaners

This video features cats and the vacuum cleaners they love. These cats love to be loved by a vacuum, as “in push me, pull me, vacuum me, and let me ride on you” love!

Vacuuming and Shedding: Why Do Our Cats Shed?

While it’s fun when our cats love to be vacuumed, it can have a pretty great side benefit, too: Vacuuming loose hair off of our furry felines helps reduce shedding. We know we don’t like it when our pets shed, but what is it, exactly?

A cat lounging on a bed
Cats aren’t shy about where they shed their loose hairs.

The word “shedding,” when it refers to hair loss, is a natural process by which cats and other animals lose dead hair. It may be more noticeable at some times as compared to others: For example, you might notice shedding more in outdoor cats in the spring and fall. Indoor cats, on the other hand, are liable to shed about the same amount throughout the year.

While normal, healthy, shedding is nothing to worry about lots of stray cat hairs floating around the room can be annoying. That’s why the above video will strike a cord with so many of us: We love it when our cats love to be vacuumed! It’s a handy way to help reduce excess cat hair on our clothes and in our homes.

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