Exterior Cat Doors

An exterior cat door is just what is sounds like: A special cat or pet door designed to let your cat go outside and come back in through their own special door.

They can be a great addition to a home with cats, as the special cat door allows your feline friends to go outside and inside without humans constantly stopping their own activities to go open the door for Kitty.

Below are exterior cat doors for sale on Amazon and eBay. For more information about exterior cat doors, please scroll down beneath the doors for sale.

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A cat without its own exterior cat door
A familiar feeling: Opening the door for the cat.

From Amazon and eBay

Below is an excellent selection of exterior cat doors in a variety of styles and prices. They are in order from least to most expensive. This page makes it easy to compare prices and selection. There are also a few related accessories from Etsy.

See more exterior cat doors on eBay

This Way, Thata Way, And Exterior Cat Doors

Many exterior cat doors are described as 2-way doors or 4 way doors. So, what’s the difference?

  • Typically, a 2-way cat door can be set to work in 2 different ways:
    1. Open, allowing the door to swing both ways.
    2. Locked so it doesn’t swing/open at all.
  • Typically a 4 way door can be set to work in 4 different ways:
    1. Swing out only.
    2. Swing in only.
    3. Swing both in and out.
    4. Locked so it doesn’t swing/open at all.

However, each door is different, so be sure to read the seller’s description to know exactly how a 2-way or 4-way cat door works for any particular door.

Interior Cat Doors and Exterior Cat Doors Are Not The Same

An exterior cat door is also typically suitable for using on the interior of a home, too.

However, any cat door described solely as an “interior” door isn’t suitable as an exterior door: While all exterior cat doors are different, they are typically weather sealed around the edges to keep wind, rain, etc. outside, and to make them more energy efficient.  These features are ususally not true for interior can/pet doors.

A cat using a large exterior door in cold weather
Repeatedly opening a large people door for a small cat can cut down on a home’s energy efficiency.

Exterior Cat Doors: Not For Doors Only (Sometimes)

While most cat or pet doors are designed to be installed into a people door, some of them can be installed into a wall, too. This is usually done by means of a wall adapter kit with extensions (sometimes called telescoping tunnels or telescoping frames) that are typically sold separately.

If you’d like to install an exterior cat door into a wall be sure to read the product description to know if a particular door you might be interested in has an adapter kit for walls available.

A cat door installed in a brick wall
A cat door installed in a brick wall.

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