Litter Box That’s Hidden In A Potted Plant

It’s a potted plant! Or is it a litter box hidden in potted plant?

Hate the look of an ordinary litter box? Why not let your let your cat “go” in privacy in a litter box that looks like a potted plant. Secluded enough for kitty to feel comfy when doing what comes naturally, but attractive enough for any room.

A litter box for cats concealed inside a potted plant

A hidden cat litter box made by the Good Pet Stuff Company. From Amazon.

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About The Good Pet Stuff Company’s Hidden Litter Box

While there are several brands of litter boxes disguised as potted plants, one the them is made by the Good Pet Stuff Company. For this particular brand, features include:

  • The top is filtered and vented to control odor and dust.
  • The plastic is finished with a textured terra cotta color to mimic crafted pots.
  • Florist moss ground cover and a faux Phoenix Palm plant are included and easily attached.
  • The large size is ideal for larger cats and multi-cat households.
  • Faux plant with hidden litter box in pot.
  • Includes faux Phoenix Palm plant and florist moss ground cover.
  • Dimensions: 19 diam. x 42H inches.

Features for other brands may vary!

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