Hidden Litter Boxes

A hidden cat litter box can mean at least a couple of different things. Most people use the phrase “hidden litter box” to mean cat litter box that is hidden in a piece of furniture.

Some folks, though, use “hidden litter box” to mean a litter box that is openly visible, but the cat disappears into it and can’t be seen when they get down to business.

A cat litter box hidden inside a potted plant

The Good Pet Stuff Company hidden litter box. From Amazon.

Below are hidden cat litter boxes for sale on eBay and Amazon. Most of them are litter boxes that are hidden inside a piece of attractive furniture, but a few of them are the type of litter box that can be seen, but kitty is hidden while busy inside.

From eBay, Etsy, and Amazon

About Hidden Cat Litter Boxes

Below are a few good things to know before buying a hidden cat litter box on Amazon, eBay, or anywhere else.

  • What is the litter box made of? Many of the “wood look” ones are actually made of wood, but some aren’t (they might be made of plastic, particle board, MDF, or other materials). That might be just fine: A hidden cat litter box that looks like wood but has some other type of construction is often less expensive but still looks great. Just make sure you know so that you’re not surprised when the litter box arrives at your door.
  • What is MDF? You might notice that some products, including some hidden cat litter boxes, are described as MDF construction. So, what is that? MDF stands for “medium-density fiberboard,” a type of wood composite. It is somewhat similar to particle board, but is stronger and denser without the air pockets typically found in particle board.
  • How big is hidden cat litter box? Does the seller give the length, width, height?
  • What size of a litter box will it hold? Will it accommodate a litter box that you already have, or will you need to purchase a different one?
  • Does it come with a litter box? Hint: Usually not.
  • Does the hidden litter box double as another piece of furniture? For example, some of the double as an end table, night stand, etc.
  • Will your hidden litter box come assembled, or will you have to put it together? Hint: To keep costs down many of them come unassembled. However, they’re typically simple to put together. Just make sure you know if a hidden cat litter box you might be interested comes assembled or unassembled, and read the description to make sure you have the tools and skills to put it together.
  • How long after you place your order will it be before the item is shipped? Some might ship right away – even the same day you place your order – while with others there might be a delay.
  • Is the cost of shipping included in the price, or will it be extra?
  • Will the seller accept returns? If you return the item will there be a restocking fee? How long do you have to return it? If the seller accepts returns, who pays for the return shipping? Hint: It’s usually you, the buyer, that pays return shipping costs. Since a hidden cat litter box is a small piece of furniture shipping costs can add up quick. Even if the seller accepts returns, avoiding the shipping costs of returning the item is extra motivation to thoroughly read the item’s description and reviews to try and make sure it’s the right item for you.

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