Interior Cat Or Pet Doors

Inside, or interior, cat doors are suitable for cats or other small pets.

Pet owners like interior cat doors because they allow felines and our other furry friends to come and go from room to room without their humans needing to open and close doors for them. They come in two basic types: With a flap and without a flap. Below are interior cat doors for sale on Amazon and eBay. For more information about interior cat doors, please scroll down beneath the doors for sale. You might also like:

A curious kitty peeks through a cat door
Interior cat doors are popular with cat and pet owners

From Amazon and eBay

Below are cat and pet interior pet doors for sale. This page makes it easy to compare selection and prices between major online sellers (Note: Exterior cat doors, by the way, can be used as an interior cat door, but not the other way around: Interior cat doors lack weather sealing and other features found in exterior doors.)

An interior door with a cat peeking through it
Cats love to know what’s behind a closed door.

About Interior Cat Doors

An interior cat door is usually installed within the home at the bottom of an existing door made for people. Interior cat doors are popular with cat owners because they allow a cat to move around the house from room to room through their own small door, even though the larger “people” door is closed.

While cat and pet owners use interior cat doors for different purposes, keeping a litter box closed off to the rest of the house is a common reason: Keeping the “people” door closed keeps the litter box out of site and out of the reach of children or other pets while allowing the cat(s) easy access to it.

An interior cat door comes in two main types:

  • With a door, or flap (similar to an exterior cat/pet door). The flap can usually be locked closed to temporarily restrict Kitty’s access to a particular part of the house.
  • The ones without a door or flap so they are open all the time. These are typically attractive inserts that are inserted into a hole in a door.  This type of door allows the cat to come and go as they please without the use of a door or flap to restrict them.

Interior Cat Doors For Walls

Not everybody wants an interior cat door installed into a door: Some people prefer to install them into a wall. Some interior cat doors are designed for wall installation, while others can easily be adapted for a wall instead of a door: Read the product description to see if a wall adapter kit or extenders (sometimes called a “telescoping tunnel” or “telescoping frame”) are available. If so, they are typically sold separately.

2 Way and 4 Way Cat / Pet Doors

As we’ve mentioned earlier there are two basic kinds of interior cat doors: The kind with a door, or flap, and the kind without a door so they’re open all the time. The kind with a door or flap are often described as 2-way doors or 4 way doors. So, what’s the difference?

  • Typically, a 2-way cat door can be set to work in 2 different ways:
    1. Open, allowing the door to swing both ways.
    2. Locked so it doesn’t swing/open at all.
  • Typically a 4 way door can be set to work in 4 different ways:
    1. Swing out only.
    2. Swing in only.
    3. Swing both in and out.
    4. Locked so it doesn’t swing/open at all.

However, each door is different, so be sure to read the seller’s description to know exactly how a 2-way or 4-way cat door works for any particular door you might be interested in.

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