Microchip Cat Doors

A microchip cat door is designed to be a stress-free way to allow your cat (or other pets) to come in or go out as they please, but to prevent access by other animals.

The “other animals” a microchip cat door protects against varies: They can bar entry to everything from one of your other pets, neighbor’s pets, or wild critters such as feral cats, skunks, squirrels, raccoons, and more.

The microchip technology allows the door to recognize the cats or pets you tell it to, and allow (or deny) them access according to how you adjust the settings. Please scroll down for more information about microchip cat/pet doors.

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A white cat door, also called a cat flap

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door. From Amazon.

From Amazon and eBay

Below are microchip cat/pet doors for sale on Amazon and eBay. They are ordered in price from least to most expensive.

See more microchip cat doors on eBay

About Microchip Cat/Pet Doors

To allow selective entry to your cat but not other animals, microchip cat/pet doors usually work in one of several ways:

  • The door works with a special tag that attaches to your cat’s collar. (With some doors this tag is included, but with others it is purchased separately.)
  • The door works with an existing microchip already in your cat.
  • The door works with either a tag attached to the collar, or an existing microchip already in your cay. Your choice.

In addition, some microchip doors only work with one pet, while others work for several pets. If they can work with several pets, they commonly allow you to control which pets stay in and which can go outside.

Microchip Cat Door Require An Energy Source

In order to work, a microchip cat/pet door requires a power source. This might mean it needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet (which is becoming less common) or that it needs batteries. Battery life is typically very good or excellent in today’s cat doors.

So, What’s A Microchip?

A microchip is a very small (“micro” means “very small”) integrated circuit, which is an electronic circuit on a single piece of semiconductor material. Microchips can communicate with other components (such as other microchips) and convey all kinds of information with a high degree of reliability. They are in virtually every electronic device many of us use every day.

A small (dime-sized) microchip.
A dime-sized microchip that visited Mars on board of NASA’s “InSight” robotic lander.

A Squirrel, A Cat, And A Pet Door

The following video shows a squirrel attempting to enter a house through a cat door. In this case, the squirrel was denied entry by a vigilant cat. Good kitty. While this looks like a nice cat door, we’re guessing it wasn’t a microchip door (or maybe the owner just forgot to set the settings).

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