Ten Things Cat Owners Have Probably Done

If you’ve ever owned a cat, watching this video might feel a bit like watching a hidden camera in your own home. We’ve all had trouble eating our dinner in peace, framed countless pictures of our cats (or shared them on our phones), not disturbed them when they looked sooo comfy, and more. This video stars other people and other cats, but it sure feels like home.

So What Are The Ten Things In The Video?

Below is a summary of the ten things cat owners have probably done that are so accurately demonstrated in the video above. If you love your cat, you shouldn’t have any trouble identifying with any item on the list!

  1. Struggled to eat their dinner.
  2. Framed photos of their cat.
  3. Done laundry another day (because your cat looks so comfy curled up in the hamper).
  4. Used the bathroom later (because your cat looks so comfy on top of the toilet lid).
  5. Cancelled plans to snuggle with their cat instead.
  6. Stepped in a hair ball.
  7. Purr-chased and wrapped presents for their cats.
  8. Had conversations with their cat
  9. Smelled a warm kitty belly.
  10. Looked stupid playing with their cat.

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